Q & A

Here is listing some of frequently asked question. If you don't find answer of your question we are here to answer your question.
Please contact us at info@integrity-auto.com and we will back to you as soon as possible.


How do I buy a vehicle/machinery from Integrity-Auto?
Once you have provided us with the necessary information regarding the vehicle you want, and have made the initial auction deposit, we can start searching and send you possible matches daily. Once you give us a go ahead to purchase, we will source your car.
How can I confirm about the quality of the car?
We throughly inspect every vehicle to ensure highest quality possible, and provide only the most recent pictures of the vehicles to our customers for their satisfaction. Furthermore, our agents guide you extensively about the vehicle’s condition before and after you buy them.
Does your buying team inspect the cars before bidding?
Yes, we examine the car completely and once satisfied, we bid on your selected vehicles.


When do I have to make the complete payment?
You are required to make the complete payment after the bid is won, to avoid any delay in the shipment.
How much of a deposit do I have to pay before you can begin searching for my vehicle?
You are required to make a deposit of 100,000 Yen for cars that are lower than or equal to 1,000,000 Yen in auction. For the vehicles above 1,000,000 Yen and equal to 1,500,000 Yen, the deposit amount will be 150,000 Yen. For Vehicles above 1,500,000 Yen, the deposit amount will be 20% of the unit value. The deposit will be deducted from the balance of your account once purchase is made.
Is the deposit refundable?
The deposit is refundable 2 days before auction. Unfortunately, we request rest of payment after we won auction.


Do I need any experience?
You do not need any prior import/export knowledge or experience to get this vehicle. We will handle the shipping procedures and prepare all the paperwork in order for you to easily and lawfully import and register this vehicle.
When will the car be shipped?
We will ship your vehicle as soon as you complete the minimum deposit for shipment. It is 100% of the Total FOB, which is required for the shipment to be processed.
How long will shipping take?
We cannot commit an accurate time of shipment as it depends on shipping schedule and availability of space. On an average, it takes 4 to 6 weeks.
How long does it take for the documents to reach my country?
Once shipment has departed, Original BL Scan will be supplied within 2-3 business days after the complete FOB payment is made.
What will be included in the documents?
The Documents will include:
Original Invoice
Original Export Certificate (Japanese)
Translated Export Certificate (English)
Two Copies of the Original BL
Original Export Inspection Certificate (If required)


How do I know if I can import a car into my country?
If you are unsure about the import regulations of your country, please contact the proper authority with regards to customs and importation of vehicles in your country. We can provide basic information on customs and regulations for many countries, BUT, these regulations obviously vary and change depending on nation.
How can I get more information about the car I am interested in buying?
You can get detailed information about the car you are interested in by asking for the detailed auction sheet translation and asking us directly. Our agents will be glad to provide you with all information you require.
What is Grade?
There are two different Grade for using in Japanese Auction system.
1- Exterior Grade
2- Interior Grade.
Grade are simply describe condition of car both exterior and interior and all those numbers and letters got from auchion house experts.
For example: 'R' grade car means Repaired. This car is mostly had an accident. Yet '4.5' is very minor scratches you may even not notice.
Interior grade is using letters.
For example: 'A' grade car has excellent interior condition and 'C' has some scratches and or cigarette burn or worn.

We always bid car has '4' or higher for exterior and 'B' or higher for interior.
Why my car's model is different?
Japanese car registration system different than rest of the world. In Japan registration year become vehicle's model instead of made. For example; You have 1990 Toyota Corolla and you register in 2019. So you Toyota Corolla become 2019 model.
Do I have to be a car dealer to buy a car from auction?
No. You don’t have to be a car dealer to import vehicles from us to your country. Whether you are a car dealer or an individual, we will provide you the best vehicles to your destination port.
Why is ToyotaPrius.jp?
ToyotaPrius.jp is designated for Toyota Prius and England customers only.
We do not ship any other country but England.
If you want to buy and ship besides of England, please visit our parent site at Integrity-Auto.