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We are member of KAA and Quick Network which help us to connect about 100 (and counting) car dealer's stock yard instantly. Also, we have access to 50 Car Auction Houses in all over Japan.

You can order us, either stocked car for quick shipment or request for Auction. No matter which pattern you choose we wil make sure you will get your dream car with excellent condition.

Most of car exporter does not even see car itself. They just buy it and tell forwarder company where it is. Forwarder company will do rest of it.

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Toyota Prius a Skyline Package

Toyota Prius a Skyline Package / Black

Mileage: 65023 km
Transmission: AT

Alloy Wheels ★ No Accident ★



Reliable Car


In Japan laws carries out a
road-worthiness inspection to
check whether or not a vehicles is
properly maintained and safe to
drive. The check is given on a new
car after three years and then
every two years.
Auction Inspection


Japanese auctions has ranking
system both interior and exterior.
Which means all auction house
reqruit full time mechanics to
inspect every single car and
provide a detailed report of the
vehicle condition
Cheap Toyota Prius


In Japan, holding a car for long
period will be so pricey. Instead of
holding old vehicle most of
japanese sell their cars to auction
houses. Which makes them riding
in good condition car all the time.
Low mileage Toyota


Japan is small country with huge
population. Using car as a
transportation will be time and
money consuming. Most of
japanese use public
transportation during weak days
instead of their car.
Japanese Car Auction


Japan is the largest used vehicles
marketplace on the planet. About
200.000 used vehicle selling in the
auction every week. Which means
you can always find what you
want and accommodate your


Trusted exporter


Buying a car is an important decision in
your life, that is why here at Integrity-Auto
we ensure that all cars available on our site
come from people and dealerships who
we are proud to work with.
Government issued dealer


At Integrity-Auto, we know that there are a
lot of fake advertisements on the internet,
that is why we do the extra miles to make
sure that every customer get his car on
good condition.
Reliable Japanese Car


We make it our mission to ensure all car
listings are real and in good condition.
We spend extra time and effort to make all
cars are reliable and claim free.
Integrity-Auto only services


We make sure every single car we selling
will reach to our customers with excellent
condition. We inspect, clean, change and
fix and than ship to the nearest port to customer.
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